This pocket sized poncho is a great way to keep rain gear handy anytime. Your child can carry one in their backpack for those sudden, unexpected rain showers as they walk to or from school. You can carry them on hiking or biking trips, or anytime you spend time in the outdoors. The approx. size of the poncho is 31 x 39 inches, suitable for most average sized children under age 12. This poncho comes in a variety of colors that your children will love. COLORS MAY VARY.In the package, this poncho measures 4 x 5 1/2 inches-fits in the average size pants pocketOpen size is 39 inches wide and 31 inches long- plenty of room for a small to medium sized childHas a built-in hood- This is a great item to carry in your back pack for sudden rain storms-When carefully folded, this poncho is reusable & fits back in it's plastic bagElectronically welded seams to hold this poncho together and keep your child drier

RainGuard Multi-color Plastic Children's Size Emergency Rain Poncho : ( Pack of

SKU: 9055S-PPP~RAIN-19053-Z04 (Child)

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